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Vicaria Multicultural Agency Featured in Prestigious Industry Trade Publication Everything PR

Q&A With Priscila Martinez, Founder and CEO of Vicaria Multicultural Agency

Everything PR has been a trusted communications industry trade for years. Vicaria Multicultural Agency was proud to be featured by the prestigious publication. The outlet spotlighted Vicaria’s CEO and founder in a thorough Q & A that dug deep into our firm’s mission, genesis story, and company values.

After years of running an award-winning PR agency, The Brand Agency, Priscila launched Vicaria, as a multicultural arm to focus on those who have been underserved, ill represented, and overlooked in the industry. As a Latina, Vicaria. Witnessing a lack of representation in her professional community inspired Martinez to use her network of established connections to bridge the noticeable gap.

With clients like Natti Natasha and Kmart under its belt, Vicaria Multicultural Agency is poised to take the communications scene by storm.

Check out more about the agency that survived and thrived during the age of COVID 19, and on its way to leading the rest of the marketing world towards an industry that reflects a diverse society.

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